Love Nebraska Golf

Golf Wife / Golf Life is part of a series of short stories about observations my wife has made on the golf course. At first, they seem simplistic and obvious. But each holds a deeper insight to the truth about golf. And, sometimes life, too.

Your mood affects others

What I learned … The driving range is a great date for an unmarried couple, but it’s a potential expository on poor communication skills for married couples.

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This hole looks tough

What I learned from my wife … you can’t ignore the problems; in fact, if there were no problems, you would never have to think of solutions in life. Don’t be intimidated by obstacles. 

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A different club can matter

The optimism of a different club can be just the pick-me-up a golfer sometimes needs. A change of scenery for that normal meeting, or that family time, can put a new, fresh twist to our mindset.

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