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Choosing the 7 or 9 iron makes a difference, but not the difference you think

My wife will ask me if she should hit the 7 iron or 9 iron when she’s considering her approach shot to the green. 

Does her club selection matter in terms of distance? Not consistently, no. But have you ever tried to hit a club when you didn’t know the loft? It’s kind of unsettling. You want to know what could or should happen; you want to feel comfortable.

In the game of golf, your sense of feel and confidence in the shot are critical. The best way to grow in confidence is to make your own decisions on club selection, see how it feels before and after contact, and add that to the mental database.

While I could just tell her what club to use, it removes a component of the confidence-building routine she’s going to want in the future.

Lesson learned … choosing between the 7-iron and the 9-iron will someday be important, so my wife had just as well learn how to be decisive and comfortable with her own decision-making process and her own decision.

Since we also are responsible for our own decisions throughout life, we must understand our own strengths and weaknesses and live with our choices. It’s how we’ll make better decisions the next time.

The small decisions sometimes only count a little bit, but the small ones become big ones, and then it counts a lot (or as much as you want it to).

I, husband, take you, wife, to be my golf partner. I promise to be true to your one true golf swing, in good shots and in bad, on rainy days and windy days, for birdies and quadruple bogeys, as long as this round shall last.

Do you, husband, enjoy golfing with wife?

I Do!

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