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“What do you see, Judy?”

The best part about the golf coverage on television are the voices of the announcers. Their phrasing is usually half-whisper, half-humorous.

“That one’s heading right.”

“If he gets it to within 10 feet it’ll be a great shot.”

“Terrible lie, just terrible, and he’s got this branch hanging down that might be a problem and he’s laying three in this thick stuff.”

And my favorite … “Pretty simple bunker shot.”

Ha! No such thing.

When I golf alone, the voices inside my head come out to play. I’m surprised at how it focuses me on the next shot. I guess there is something about ‘hearing’ the words that allows me to account for the different obstacles on the next shot. When I’m playing with others, the voices disappear.

What I learned … those voices in your head would really scare other people, so keep ‘em quiet.

I, husband, take you, wife, to be my golf partner. I promise to be true to your one true golf swing, in good shots and in bad, on rainy days and windy days, for birdies and quadruple bogeys, as long as this round shall last.

Do you, husband, enjoy golfing with wife?

I Do!

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Golf Wife / Golf Life is part of a series of short stories about observations my wife has made on the golf course. At first, they seem simplistic and obvious. But each holds a deeper insight to the truth about golf. And, sometimes life, too.

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